“I don’t just speak your language.
I speak the language of your machines, your plants, your engines.
In the language of your target audience.”


I often liken my work to that of a medical expert. Would you visit a gastroenterologist for a broken ligament or an ophthalmologist for otitis? Well, there you are! Then why do it for a technical translation?

The best professionals are those who concentrate on just one specialization. For this reason, I decided to occupy myself exclusively with technical translations. In particular, I have long experience in the following fields:

AUTOMOTIVE: internal combustion engines, electric motors, gears and transmissions, chassis and suspensions, bodywork, electrical systems, diagnostic tools, CAN networks, veteran car restoring, tyres and wheels, diagnostics and repair.

MACHINE TOOLS: numerical controls, multi-axis machining centres, material removal machines (milling, turning, grinding, etc.), forming machines, tools and 3D printers.

ROBOTICS & AUTOMATION: industrial plants, transport systems, assembly lines, industrial robots, production cells and automated quality control.

HOISTING & LIFTS: hoisting equipment (ropes, chains, tackle and cranes), and lifts (ropes, mechanics, hydraulics, electronics, safety and EN 81-20 & 50 standards).

MARKETING WITH A TECHNICAL BIAS: company presentations, brochures and promotional materials, catalogues and web sites.